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All You Need to Know About Latency

Latency refers to the time it takes your device and computer to respond to an action such as clicking on the link. For the majority of people, this will not affect the quality of their streaming video or Spotify listening but if they play games, there could be significant issues with latency as also because satellite internet has more precise than wired connections which means that gamers playing games could experience poor performance due to the excessive packet loss rates caused by lengthy pings.

The term “latency” refers to the that passes between your input (in this case, an anchor) and when it is distributed to others. Also, latency could affect the responsiveness of your device if you play online video games or view YouTube videos online. This is because they may not be 100 precise in their timing due to their speed in fiber optic cables.

What is the Cause of the latency?

Gamers and End-users can experience problems with latency. Your latency is affected by the distance between your PC and the server. Also, Wi-Fi’s strength or type can impact the speed. It could also be contingent on which modem/router combination someone is using – there are a lot out there these days! The process doesn’t have to be difficult if you find it confusing at first. We’ll cover every aspect of the process in this article.


The duration of latency is the time it takes for information to move from one location within space to another. In this case we’re referring to the distance that your system is from the server(s) that are supplying information requested by that machine . If it’s Distant enough then there will be an increase in Latency.

Propagation Delay

Propagation delays are a major element in determining the delay you experience when browsing on your mobile device or computer. It can also impact other parameters like download speeds or upload speeds as well as wireless connections.

Different kinds of Internet Connection

There are notable differences in latency between internet connections. DSL, cable, and fiber have lower latencies but satellite’s tend to be higher due to its architectural configuration that needs more physical space for transmission which means long wait times aswell in a higher buffering capacity on sites you would like access to such as video or audio files, for instance.

What’s on a site?

Ever clicked on a link but waited for the site to load and then clicked it again? This was due to them trying to create their Angelfire page look good. They put The Office memes all over it, so now every visit to the page takes longer than it normally does.

When you visit a website which contains large files such as HD video or images, your browser must download the entire collection. There may be a delay due to the fact that the files could be hosted by an outside server.

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