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How Do Driver App Features Benefit Taxi Drivers?

It is essential to have an online solution for your business to remain competitive in the market. Technology has changed drastically over recent years and now all sorts of new technologies are appearing everywhere including taxis as well. Taxis will be distinguished from other competitors by being able adapt quickly to the latest services, like Uber-like, or car rental companies that provide similar services at lower cost and still offer better service to customers as traditional taxi companies.

There are many types of taxi apps that are available on the market. A specific type is specially designed for established companies and ensures that customers can reserve their rides conveniently along with a growing client base, while aiding drivers to find potential fares more quickly than ever before.

The developers recognized that passengers and drivers have different needs, which is why they came up with two apps. This lets you customize features, giving you the chance to get precisely what you want with no interruptions.

Must-have Features for Driver Apps

In a world where taxis continue to experience increased competition an important aspect to maintain customer loyalty is to ensure that drivers have access to and complete control of their app. Driver-friendly features can give new customers as well as those who are already customers to concentrate on the work with less stress which will result in better service delivery for everyone.

Vehicle Tracking System

Drivers like mobile apps that are effective and efficient to do their job. GPS tracking systems determine the passenger’s location, but once they have shared permission, it is easy for a driver who is in need of finding them at any given moment because they know exactly where his/her loved ones are.

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Drivers are now able to use their smartphones to let people know that they’re available for any new request or pick up information. They’ll be notified when there is a request. This will allow them to get a better fare and the information about location.

Driver Dashboard

Drivers will be able examine their overall performance in comparison to other riders and gather valuable statistics about their trips. Before deciding whether to improvetheir performance, they will be able to look up feedback from riders about their previous trips.

Email & SMS Alerts

All important messages sent by passengers will be sent to the cabs through SMS or email notifications. They will also be able to respond to queries via an acceptor decline option with a simple interface which is beneficial for both the parties of the transaction.

Begin/End the Ride

It is easy to locate the location you want to go by using maps. This map will show you where pickup and drop-off points are available and makes it easy for everyone.

Accept/Decline Cab Requests

The passenger will be notified within a few seconds when the driver is willing to accept or deny their request for transportation. If the driver fails to respond within 15-30 minutes of receiving the notification on the app, it’s a sign that there aren’t any vehicles within the vicinity that could take them there.

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