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How to buy smurf accounts for League of Legends

League of Legends (LoL) is not only one of the most popular PC games around the globe however it also boasts one of the longest-running players. According to, League has over 32 million players worldwide and more than 1 million online gamers concurrently. This is an excellent news for the league however it could be problematic for those who aren’t very skilled at the game.

LoL is a competitive game. There are plenty of LoL players with very high level of skill. If you’re not one of them it is best to get Smurf accounts and not attempt to “tough out” in the lower levels.

Even if it’s a gamer who’s played LoL for long enough and think you have the skills to survive in the lower levels, there is no reason to put your money into it. It’s not just about saving time, but also save money by buying an account here. Since we’ve been providing accounts with smurfs for sale to players all over the world for a long time, we know exactly what to watch out for when creating accounts that will be valuable to you.

Here are some suggestions to make sure that you have best it can be.

Learn Which Account to Buy

You can purchase LoL accounts between levels 30, 20 and 30. As a beginner will notice that the biggest distinction between them is how much IP (In-game currency) is available to spend on champions and runes.

It is essential to ensure that your accounts give the most value for your money to be able to play at the top levels. Here are some of the things you must look for.

1. Runes – The amount of rune pages included with an account is essential. It is crucial to ensure that there are enough runes available for your favorite player and your preferred style. Also, if you’re a fan of a lot of champions, then it’s best to invest in accounts with a number of rune pages, instead of only one.

2. Amount Of Champions – you should ensure that your account is stocked with every player available to maximise your gaming time as well as access to the other features LoL provides such as ARAM, ranked gaming, and so on. If you want a listing of all the champions in LoL then visit this page.

3. Amount Of Skins – skins are available in the game to give your favourite champions a new look. Accounts that don’t include skins should be avoided. The character’s appearance can determine how much you’ll enjoy the account. You can find our full list of services here.

4. Amount of Influence Points (IP). LoL has an online microtransaction system that lets players to purchase unique runes and champions for real money. The best thing about this game is that all items purchased will remain in your account for the rest of time. Buying accounts with large amounts of IP can make you money and time in the long term.

5. Number of wins that are not ranked – LoL has a mode of ranked play in which players battle to be the top. Another one is called ARAM (All Random Every Mid) These modes award you with benefits such as IP and rare skins, which make it more enjoyable to play regularly. To prove that you’re really playing the game and not just trying it out, ensure that your account has at a minimum some wins that are unranked.

6. Account Privacy – if prefer not to have your account’s information to be public, then select your account as a private one. This means only you be able to access the email associated with it and no one else. This is useful if your are concerned about divulging your information to strangers. They will not have access to your account without the password.

If you stick to these simple steps then you are sure to have a great LoL experience!

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