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What Are Some Examples Of Lebanese Street Food?

Street vendors are the ideal way to taste the delicious flavors of Lebanon. Food served from these stands has been a part of our culture for a number of millennia. It’s not a surprise that people love to eat in summer, where everything seems fresh-from flowers sold nearby and vendors selling their products everywhere or sitting by an open fire pit sharing stories under starry skies. There is nothing better than tasting the local cooks can provide you with.

Shish Kebabs

Lebanese shish-kebabs are prepared with lamb that has been marinated with a mix of garlic salt pepper and other spices. The lamb is then skewered with vegetables like capsicum, onions, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. It’s then grilled to perfection. These meals can be taken with you to take on the go and are perfect additions to barbecues in the summer. Make sure you have salads on hand so that everyone can enjoy the food.


Shawarma sandwiches have a delicious taste. It’s made with thin, horizontally sliced marinated meat which has been slow-roasted on the vertical wooden skewer for hours before being paired with a perfect combination of your choice between lamb or chicken among other things such as lettuce tomatoes onion pickles tahini sauce.

This sandwich is the best! They can be purchased wherever, even if it is no “ifice” outside the doors. The pita-based food is popular around the globe and is particularly popular in Arab nations like Lebanon. It started in the days of farmers who sold their produce at markets instead of cultivating.


No matter if you’re vegan, vegetarian, or simply a huge fan of food-inspired falafel wraps, these are going to be your new go-to snack. Chickpea fried balls comprise of chickpeas mixed with spices, including cumin and coriander and garlic chili powder. Then, they are shaped into small cones, before wrapping them in pita. If it’s lunch time, breakfast dinner or another occasion, this dish has something special in store.


Kebbeh is Lebanon’s national food and has been enjoyed throughout the ages. Its ingredients are burghul (a type of cracked wheat) minced onions as well as ground lamb. There are there are other meats too, such as beef or chicken; chopped pine nuts, and a variety spices such as salt, cumin and Cayenne to cinnamon. You can even add heat to the dish by adding chilies. These ingredients are thoroughly combined and cooked until golden brown , before being eaten or raw, though it is more commonly cut into smaller cylinders or cooked over a flame in which you can add other vegetables like green beans chimichurri fashion.


Kheer bandooki is described as a meat lover’s dream. The delicious street food is made of ground beef, lamb, or chicken that has been perfectly seasoned and made into cigar-shaped cylinders prior to being cooked in an open flame. The skewers are then placed on the grill so that you can enjoy it right off the skewer or wrap your “kafta’s” (as they’re referred to) with pita bread, with salad ingredients of choice whatever ones remain after all those succulent pickles made of dill.

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